Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tiled Ikea Tray

Remember my transformed IKEA tray?

Here is her sister.  Her beautiful, sleek, gorgeous tiled sister.

I knew I wanted to tile one of these trays, or at least have the tiled look.  I found some multi-color tile that I loved, go figure, it was out of stock.  Unable to find any other tile I liked at any home improvement store, go figure, I opted for these, in a whole slew of colors. 

Again, wait for sales, EVERYTHING at Hobby Lobby will eventually go on sale, alot of times at 50% off.  

I painted the tray black, be sure to paint the entire tray, bottom included, some of the base will peek through the tiles.  Then came the fun part, arranging the tiles.  Seriously, much more difficult than I had thought it would be.  I tried a few different configurations, different spacing, no spacing, they just didn't fit quite right.  

Then, the Dashman had a stroke of genius.  Arrange them on an angle.  BAM!  They fit PERFECTLY!

This was the time consuming part, laying a few rows, gluing, waiting for them to dry, repeat.  Gluing too many at once caused the tiles to shift and the pattern to get wonky, what a technical term.  They REALLY need to dry before trying to put too many rows in otherwise headache city, trust me.  
I opted to use my handy dandy E6000 glue, that stuff will glue anything to anything, it's amazing.  

I let the tiles dry for over 24 hours before covering in this resin.  

 And ... 


I haven't quite found a permanent home for her, but right now as a centerpiece on the kitchen table is working well.  

It makes me happy just looking at her!!!!

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