Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Transformed IKEA Tray

I scored three of these little beauties on my last round of IKEA shopping, that's a hint to be prepared for more posts about trays.

These are fantastic and the price can not be beat.

I intended to use one as a workspace while sitting on the couch.  to update my planner, meal plan, joint down ideas in a notebook, etc.  Instead of having all of those things laying on the sofa, which happens for more than I care to admit, they are now contained.  Trays make instantly beautiful clutter.  Truth!

That little baby got a coat of red spray paint.  Yes, again with the spray paint.  I then taped off the edges and used my homemade chalkboard paint, read about that here, to paint the bottom.  The bottom of the tray as is, worked well as a dry erase board, which is another great option.

Turned out perfect, this little beauty gets a lot of use.

The chalkboard paint turned out to be a fun little touch to leave myself notes or happy little drawings.

Again, super simple, huge organizational impact for us,  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dislike piles of stuff on the sofa. Even if it is just the facade of organization instead of actual organization.  I'm quite ok with that!

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