Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Easy - FREE - Fall Decor

Like so many things I make, I didn't thing this was blog worthy, until the reactions from friends thinking it was rather clever.  While I do love them, I didn't think they were anything groundbreakingly creative.

Any-who, fall wine bottles!

We have friends who generously donate their wine and assorted liquor bottles, as we aren't wine drinkers and Dashman's Miller Lite bottles just aren't as fun to craft with.

They needed a good cleaning, to remove labels and any goo left behind from said labels.

I spray painted, yes spray painted, them in various fall colors.

Then wrapped them in lace, burlap, and other misc fall looking items I had on hand.  Burlap. lace, twine, etc.  I thought about hot gluing these on, but one, I knew I would burn myself and two stitching them on really wasn't that hard. 

I chose to do a few Halloween ones as well, skull lace wrapped and Jack-O-Lanterns, which pull double duty as Halloween and fall pumpkin decorations.   I saw others done as Frankenstein and a witch, as I was going for more fall then Halloween, I opted to not.

And there you have it, all made from things I had in my craft stash!

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