Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You can paint a garage door and it will look amazing ... I promise

I did not think this to be blog worthy, until I got multiple "You can paint a garage door?" questions.

So here it is, YES, you can paint a garage door.  And NO, it wasn't horribly difficult.

Step 1 : Clean your door and surrounding area, paint doesn't stick to dirt.

Step 2 :  Pick your paint, I went with black in Dutch Boy MaxBond, apparently it is like the Cadillac of exterior paint.  I was not disappointed.

Step 3 : Paint.  SERIOUSLY.

The hardest part was deciding what I was going to paint and I was going to leave, it regards to trim.

I opted to paint the door and everything that directly touched it black, easy enough plan.  The trim around the door would be white, to match the trim on our windows.  You of course could paint the whole thing your garage color or not, no rules here. 

Once that was decided I was set.

I used a small brush and a small foam roller to get the job done.  To get into all the grooves I started with the brush, followed by the roller over any flat surface.  I work in small sections, one row at a time.  Trying to not let the edging dry before I went back over it with a roller, it makes for a smoother finish.

excuse the cellphone shot

And there she is, excuse the cellphone shot, this was taken more as a "look what I just did" not meant to be used as the finished photo.

Not completely finished with white trim but you get the idea.

I LOVE this.  It changed the look of the whole house so much.  Shutters and lights next!

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