Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Surprise Beauty

Well, maybe the table wasn't a surprise, but how gorgeous she turned out to be was.

Sadly, I do not have a before picture as I never expected this project to be blog worthy.

And maybe the project isn't blog worthy, since it wasn't much of a project, but the underlying thought is.

I snagged this table at a yard sale for less than $10.  Was a good size and I liked the shape of it.  It however was robin's egg blue.  Not horrible, not my favorite and wasn't a great paint job to begin with.  I thought it would work well in our itty bitty entryway as a landing zone/catchall.  I underestimated the tininess of our entryway, the table was a no go.  To the garage she went, where she sat for a while.

And sat some more.

And continued to sit.

During my "lets spray paint everything yellow" phase, the table fell victim.  I didn't sand it or prime it prior to painting, I'm cool like that, and I also ran out of paint, I'm also cool like that.

So she went back to sitting.

Insert me finding the most spectacular, giant red glass bottle, that would fit perfectly on this table.  Finally some motivation to finish.

I settled on black paint.  As the paint job initially wasn't great, was cracking and peeling, and my yellow attack on her didn't help.  I finally have a power sander which made this job SUPER easy.  Sand all the paint off, prime her and paint her properly.

Yellow, blue, some red, white, then wood.


Wood!  Like real wood!  Not plywood or pressed wood, WOOD!

GLORIOUS, beautiful, raw wood.



Isn't she beautiful.  Talk about a diamond in the rough.  She isn't perfect, but neither am I, so we are totally cool with her imperfections.

Let that be a lesson to me, you never know what you may find if you put in some work.  Had I done the job correctly initially, this table would have been living in our house the last two years, instead of the garage.

Take the time to peel back the layers, you NEVER know what is hiding underneath.  I'm no longer talking about just the table :)

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