Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"What is your obsession with painting everything"

I hear this around my house at least once a day lately.

"What is your obsession with painting everything"

Or I just get the ever famous side eye stare when I mention spray paint.

I spray paint things, a lot of things, sometimes the same item multiple times.  Sometimes the same item multiple times to only end up back with the original color.  After all, it's just paint.
Here is my philosophy ....

If I am contemplating changing something, it is because it is no longer bringing me joy as is.  So it should or it should go live elsewhere.  Clearly I would never spray paint my great grandma's antique furniture, but things within reason, that weren't overly expensive or have deep sentimental value, and are easy to spray back to their original color, are fair game to paint to change them up a bit.  If it is a fail, I wasn't happy with it in the first place so it isn't a huge loss.  

For example ...

Our home came with brassy, gold, not at all our style, do not match our house, doorknobs.

I clearly don't like them anyway, if the spray painting doesn't work, it's a dollar in spray paint and a few minutes of time.  If it does work, I spare myself the guilt of throwing away something that works just because I don't care for it, because I really do feel guilt about being wasteful.

Look how much better they are.

Moral of the story, spray paint will stick to doorknobs just fine, easing the big guy's concerns.

I used a hammered finish paint, has been on about a month, holding up great and we LOVE them!  Not only do they look great but they have a great texture too.  

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