Thursday, February 26, 2015

Command Center

So I was given this, key word GIVEN, as in FREE, $0.00, zip, zilch.

She is, or should I say WAS a tad unattractive.

No worries though, she is beyond amazing now. 

Our home needs organization.  With both of us working fulltime outside of the home, his schedule, my schedule, OUR schedule, family obligations, spending time with friends, grocery lists, meal planning, it is too much for me to remember in my head.  I'm getting older and my memory is filling up fast.

I have been toying around with the idea of a "command center", one central location for storing calenders, lists, etc. .  We had a magnet board, which KINDA worked.  It however was torn down when we took down the pantry wall.
  • I glued it directly to the wall with liquid nails and there was no removing that sucker come wall demo day.  Oh well, live and learn and immediately discontinue my practice of using liquid nails to glue things to the wall.
I have been browsing for replacements and nothing really fit our needs.  The few things that I did like I was NOT a fan of the price tag.  Especially for a system that I wasn't 100% sure was going to work for us.

Then someone offered me the previously mentioned frame, genius struck and I even had an AHHA light bulb going off moment and then felt like a goof for not thinking of it sooner.   

This could be DIY'd into our own "command center".

Paint the frame, cover the odd print with fabric, then paper because I decided I didn't care for the fabric, then new glass since I am a klutz and broke the original.  All said and done it was only about $15 for the materials, $10 of which was the replacement glass.

I also had to hunt down these little guys since the picture was being held by staples which I had to remove to change the print out.  Seems like a simple thing to find, had I been able to think of the correct name.
  • Picture frame turn button should you be curious.

I made the templates, simple blank printouts, for things we wanted to use this board to keep track of and just taped them to the paper, glass back on and DONE!  I wish it went that fast, sadly nothing ever does.

The real beauty of this is how easily it can be changed down the line should we decide we need to make a change to our organizing system.  

Loving this!  So simple, yet so wonderful!

An IKEA Ribba picture ledge, cut to size, to set the frame on, I like the look and also like how easy it is to add to or change our set up this way.  Also an IKEA  Bygel rail to use for storing the pen cup and later on possibly a magnet menu board (future project).

There you have it, our little command center.

Here she is, in all of her beauty. 

I really am far too excited about this.  I even did a little happy dance and squeal once she was up. 


  1. Very nice and creative and easy to make!

    1. Thank you Maria! This was such a simple, easy project ( minus waiting two weeks for the big guy to hang the shelf ) but had such a big organizational impact for us. The cost was also perfect! Thank you for stopping by!